Our Mission

We are changing the wellness landscape with our utilization of a team of  130 seasoned doctors and chemists to create a transparent brand of rigorously tested, organic, and pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. Our company is founded on the integrity of our supply chain. We place quality at the forefront and spare no expense to stand behind our products. We are founded on the principle that one's health is his or her only irreplaceable asset and, therefore, should be treated with the utmost care. Offering organically grown full-spectrum hemp products formulated in a pharmaceutical-grade facility, we strive to be the most trusted CBD brand on the market, ensuring that all customers and loved ones are not exposed to contaminants and other harmful ingredients.

The Hudson Greens Difference

We are a New York-based wellness company founded by health-conscious consumers. We are committed to producing the highest quality Hemp extract  products from only the purest organic ingredients to set the industry benchmark with transparent, trustworthy, and consistent products. We utilize a team of seasoned doctors and chemists to create a reliable brand of rigorously tested, and organically grown Hemp extract. We utilize the latest advancements in science and technology to identify hemp crop with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles. From seed to bottle, we are founded on the integrity of our supply chain. Placing quality at the forefront, we spare no expense to stand behind our products.

We place accountability, purity, and transparency at the core of our business. By meticulously controlling all components of our supply chain, we are able to ensure that our products adhere to the highest health and safety standards. Moreover, our products are rigorously tested for quality and purity before being tested and certified by an unaffiliated, third-party laboratory. Unlike many of our competitors, we publish the results of our entire test panel and COA. We are self- funded and, therefore, are not beholden to investors, profit margins, and external pressures that are often detrimental to quality. 

Cause Driven - A Message From Our Founders

At Hudson Greens, our mission is simply twofold. We strive to deliver the highest quality hemp derived products for our customers and give back to our communities and the environment. With each bottle sold, we donate a percentage of proceeds to issues close to our hearts.

Almost all of us have been affected by cancer in some shape or another. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or someone close to you has, not many Americans can say they haven’t experienced a run-in with cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2019 alone, approximately 700,000, or 1 in every 471 Americans will tragically pass from some form of cancer. In 2019, 1.8 million or 1 in every 183 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. Statistics like these cannot be ignored or pushed to someone else’s to-do list. At Hudson Greens, we’ve seen how devastating this disease can be and while we treat every ailment with the same concern, empathy and regard, the occurrence and survival statistics around cancer cannot be ignored.

This topic is something we struggle with on a daily basis and it takes only the mention of ‘the “c” word’ to rehash the very painful and personal memories. Both of our mothers have had, or are currently fighting, ovarian or breast cancer while one of our fathers is currently fighting bladder cancer. Our mission at Hudson Greens is to help stop cancer by providing as much help in fighting this far-reaching disease as possible. We use our platform to spread awareness and help find cures. We put our money where our mouth is by donating 10% of every bottle sold to cancer research and support for those who don’t have the means to receive treatment on their own. 

One of the primary catalysts for the launch of Hudson Greens was seeing the positive effects of Cannabinoids our parents experienced during cancer treatment, specifically the effectiveness of CBD on the side effects of chemotherapy.

Research is still ongoing. We cannot make any medical claims, and do not represent  that CBD or Hemp derived products can treat or cure any diseases or ailments including Cancer. 


At Hudson Greens, we examine all of our business decisions through a sustainability lens to support the UN’s sustainable development goals. We have made every effort to minimize and eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging and utilize a more expensive, yet hydrocarbon-free extraction process that creates a net reduction in CO2.

The Industrial Hemp plant is an incredibly beneficial component to the ecosystem and in the removal of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. The hemp plant has been proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop and can be harvested semiannually in favorable climates. In addition, hemp fibers are ideal for textiles, paper, construction materials, and even in replacing plastics in vehicle construction and high-performance composites such as carbon fiber. The Industrial Hemp crop is a transformative rotational crop for our nation’s farmers who have been battered by decades of climate change and unpredictable weather. It is also effective in diversifying revenue streams as ongoing trade tensions and purchasing patterns of US farm goods have been sporadic and difficult to manage.

Our Standards

We control all components of our supply chain to ensure our products are pure and potent. All of our products are rigorously tested and certified by  an unaffiliated ISO 17025 certified third-party lab. By voluntarily implementing safety and health controls at every point, we lead the industry in clean quality assurance.

All of our products are formulated from organically grown, Clean Green-certified hemp and organic coconut MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil. Prior to arriving at our pharmaceutical-grade certified cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility, each ingredient is tested for pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Upon passing the initial quality assurance test, our ingredients are then subjected to a supercritical C02 extraction (SCFE) and liquid chromatography purification process, which is overseen by a team of doctors and chemists. This unique process allows us to avoid using harsh solvents relied on in the production of isolates and broad spectrum products. After completing the SCFE and liquid chromatography purification process, the extract is again tested for purity and concentration before being sent to a third-party lab for testing and verification. Finally, an unaffiliated, third-party lab thoroughly tests Hudson Greens' products and provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA). By engaging a third-party lab to provide a COA, we are able to provide our customers and loved ones with unbiased verification of our products purity. 

Hands on Customer Service

We personally use and wholeheartedly stand by each and every one of our products. We are committed to producing the highest quality Hemp Extract products from only the purest organic ingredients to set the benchmark for the health and wellness community. Our mission is to de-stigmatize the hemp plant, which has been unfairly denounced by special interest groups for decades. Our goal is to educate consumers in navigating the opaque and fragmented marketplace. 

We guarantee our products are pure, correctly marked, and consistent. We proudly stand behind our products and production methods. We are pioneering the efforts to bring hemp to the mainstream and build hemp’s reputation. Consistency and accountability lay the foundation for earning our customer's trust. Our core values embody this commitment and guide every decision.