Why is 3rd party lab testing important?

Since the industry is still in its infancy and fragmented, it is critical that you ensure your CBD products are properly tested by a 3rd party lab. These laboratories will test for purity, potency, contaminants, and will provide the results as a certificate of analysis (COA). Current regulation does not require companies to provide this testing; it is each company’s responsibility to arrange for it and post the results online. This testing can be expensive and take time. As such, it is a major hint to consumers that if a cannabis retailer does not properly publish its COA, it’s likely they do not test. Additionally, according to a study conducted by Penn Medicine, 26% of surveyed products contained less CBD than the label indicated, which could negate any intended health benefits. Always look at 3rd party lab-tests to ensure the accuracy of the marketing matches the lab results. Consumers should also pay attention to COAs because certain synthetic cannabinoids have been known to be extremely harmful. Hudson Greens is 100% natural.